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Welcome to the official home of “ONLY KID WITH A CAMERA" video podcast series. In each episode I take a look back on the legendary music and films that inspired me to become a recording artist and filmmaker myself. You can watch every episode of OKWC exclusively on YouTube. Also please visit my official music site to check out my latest music releases. We're growing fast and we'll be adding tons of cool content in the coming months. The 1970s was an amazing time to be a kid. It was the decade that brought the world music and films that will be celebrated centuries from now. There were musical artists and filmmakers who created art that changed the world. I was a movie fanatic by age 10; and started making my own films. I have a massive archive of personal films and recordings that will give you a fun and intimate glimpse into what it was like to come of age in the 1970s. For news and updates join our mailing list and venture with us as we take a trip back through the greatest decade in history!